Sonic Rade were nominated for 59th Grammy's 2017 First Round, in 4 categories! Best Production Non-Classical
- Firefly (Sonic Rade)
- Sideways (Sonic Rade)
Best Rock Performance
- Firefly (Sonic Rade)
Best Rock Song
- Firefly (Sonic Rade)
Best Producer
- Igor Fiorini (Sideways)

Sonic Rade releases first single and video for "Let's dream tonight" Filmed in NYC, USA and a second video single "Lost Identity" summer 2019. Filmed in Geneva, Switzerland

Sonic Rade Radio Interviews:

Paradiso (RTS1)

Cité Geneve

Lora (Zurich)

All Access (Mexico)
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Sonic Rade and VDM Records join forces and have release a new Sonic Rade album February 2019
VDM Records:
VDM Records is an independent label based in Rome, italy who focuses on high quality standard music. Our goal is to overcome genres and product CDs agreable to listen, keep in hands and buy, whether ancient music, classical, contemporary. That's the reason why we take care of all the CD's production process from music recording - which has to sound modern, interesting, natural and original - until graphic and music selection.