Various quotes on Sonic Rade music



Flux Radio (United Kingdom)

Sonic Rade a really good band!  Sometimes, you have to relax a little and listen to some music. Sonic Rade from Switzerland have done just that. They are a wonderful band and extremely talented. 10th September 2013 - by Alec Finch from FluxRadio



North West Convergence Zone (USA)

"Fantastic album and great sound. Shine should be a hit wordwide. I love it ! "

By Darrell Fortune from NWCZRadio 



Radio Sylvia (DE)

"Shine" was chosen as single of the week on Hamburg Radio Sylvia  (Dec 2013)



World Talents Radio (USA)

“ Sonic Rade tops the chart at #1 with their single "Shine". Great!



Radio  Sylvia (Germany)

'Sonic Rade selected as single of the week" Dec 2013  on Radio Sylvia, Hamburg



RTS 1 (Switzerland)

“ Impressive, being a trio and to make such live filling sound. It’s very interesting sound with nice changes and melodies.”

About Sonic Rade live on Radio RTS1.  Y. Zitouni



Radio LoRA (Zurich)

“I really love your music. It’s in our playlists! And you are invited to our Radio show to play live” Indie-Team (DJ Leo)



1 Radio (London, UK)

“Shine is a Great song , I dig that. I really like the band”  Chris  from &



Planete Indie Radio Show (Belgium)

“Thanks, Sonic Rade you will be added to our playlist for this September show”  Pierre G.



Crystal One Radio (Netherlands)

“We’ve listened to your Shine video on your website and you are a good fit for our station. The whole album is in our rotation now!” Crystal One Radio.



Indiecast Radio (USA, Indiana)

“You guys sound great! We're adding you to the rotation!” Darrell



Radio KSCR (USA, Los Angeles)

“I love this song Shine it reminds me of my youth, when I was always excited to get the latest album discovery, this is great music.”

Jowanna Lewis- President -Radio KSCR



Rebel Radio (USA, Colorado)

“I am the founder of Radio Rebel Independent Music. Thank you so much for being part of what we do at Radio Rebel! It has been a pleasure listening to your music, it has been added to the rotation and can be heard on our broadcast!”

Stan Price – President



Punk Rock Radio (USA, Los Angeles)

“Great! We’ll play your song “Stereotype” over the course of the next couple weeks!”



HKGFM (Hong Kong)

“I’m very pleased to inform you that we’ve added your track “Shine” to our Indie Underground channel playlist as of Monday, June 17th, 2013.”

Cliff Babbs - Music Director -



Penguin Rock Radio (USA, New Jersey)

" We've added 7 songs from the album Let it Out into our current and future playlist. You'll be a mainstay on the station for a while!"  Gary Wien